Doraville was founded in 1871, and now boasts a diverse and international population of more than 10,000 residents. Located 10 miles northeast of Atlanta, this city contains a large portion of the dining and retail corridor that is Buford Highway.

Key Features

Historic and Varied: Doraville is comprised of three distinct neighborhoods which feature largely post-World War II housing. Whether you prefer Tilly Mill, Northwoods, or Oakcliff, you will find bungalow, split-level, and ranch-style architecture alongside modern in-fill homes.

Opportunities Abound: Doraville is home to the Southeast’s most prosperous immigrant-owned small business community as well as the former General Motors Assembly Plant, a 165-acre swath of prime real estate poised for redevelopment. With progressive leadership and access to a market of five million and growing, Doraville has all the tangible assets needed for a start-up venture or business relocation.

Nest Picks

Buford Highway International Restaurants

This multicultural corridor is home to some of the most eclectic and varied dining options outside of Atlanta. From Plaza Fiesta to Buford Highway Farmers Market to the local favorite Lee's Bakery, Buford Highway offers something for every taste. Recent community initiatives have aimed to make the area more pedestrian friendly and aesthetically appealing.

Assembly Yards

This mixed-use development is set to be built on a 165-acre campus that was home to a General Motors plant until 2008. Once completed, it should contain around 750 multifamily housing units as well as 300,000 square feet of office space. This transportation-focused project seeks to change the face of the area, and will also include parks and retail areas.

Buford Highway Farmers Market

Opened in 1974, this 100,000 square foot ethnic market provides the Atlanta area with a wide and authentic selection of produce, meats, dry goods, spices, pastries, cheeses, and much more. Known nationwide and locally renowned, the Buford Highway Farmers Market is a favorite of chefs and casual shoppers alike. Too hungry to shop? Grab a bite to eat at their hot bar first!

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