Lavista Park

Lavista Park enjoys a quiet intown location with beautiful big lots and plenty of residential character.

Key Features

Modern Charm: Lavista Park boasts some of the largest intown lots, with a mixture of stately ranch homes, new infill developments, and modern homes.

New Kid on the Block: With an active civic association and the Citadel-Lavista Park Garden Club founded in 1954, Lavista Park is socially established yet still evolving.

Nest Picks

Rain Thai and Sushi Bar

Rain is a neighborhood favorite for Thai and Asian cuisine, and is known for its sushi. It also happens to be extremely convenient to the Tara Theatre for a meal before or after a movie!

Tara Theatre

The Tara is a staple of the indie arts cinema scene, and plays host to film festivals throughout the year.

Kittredge Park/Elwyn John Wildlife Sanctuary

The Elwyn John Wildlife Sanctuary and Kittredge Park are dog friendly and contain a playground, green space, and water features.

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