Summerhill / Peoplestown

The historic Atlanta neighborhoods of Summerhill and Peoplestown, adjacent to Downtown Atlanta and Grant Park, are the site of several recent revitalization projects.

Key Features

Gold Medal: Summerhill and Peoplestown both experienced a development surge in 1996 due to the Olympics. Today, they are being redeveloped into vibrant, walkable, and authentic streetscapes combining culture, entertainment, and housing.

Georgia Avenue: In late 2018, the historic boulevard of Georgia Avenue in Summerhill once again opened its doors. Lined with character-filled storefronts, the avenue offers world-class barbecue, craft beers, butter-sweet pastries, local soft serve, fried chicken, and more.

Nest Picks

Atlanta Olympic Cauldron Tower

The authentic 1996 Olympic Cauldron Tower includes the olympic torch and sits in the northwest corner of Summerhill, along with historical information and plaques.

Summerhill Redevelopment

The redevelopment of Summerhill, one of Atlanta's oldest neighborhoods, celebrates the city's collective past and reconnects adjacent historic neighborhoods, making it a model for urban resiliency and sustainability.

Hank Aaron Home Run Wall at Old Fulton County Stadium

On April 8, 1974, Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's career home run record, which had stood for nearly 40 years. This historic swing was Aaron's 715th home run, and took place at Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium. While the stadium was torn down in 1995, the section of outfield fence that the ball flew over was left standing, and now stands in the middle of a parking lot for Georgia State's football stadium in Summerhill.

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