West Midtown

The colloquially defined area of West Midtown encompasses the neighborhoods of Berkeley Park, Loring Heights, Atlantic Station, Home Park, and Georgia Tech, all located north of Downtown and west of Midtown. Formerly an industrial area, this hip, lively area has transformed itself into an artsy, modern, eclectic mix. West Midtown is a paradise for foodies, a haven for the arts and design communities, and an indulgence for those interested in unque and upscale shopping.

Key Features

Adaptive Reuse: Once-neglected factories and warehouses that date back to the 1880s have been converted to cool urban lofts and contemporary condos in West Midtown. Along with newer planned neighborhoods, these housing opportunities give residents the ability to take advantage of this unique and central area.

Georgia Tech: Founded in 1885, Georgia School of Technology is located on a vast campus that spans both Midtown and West Midtown. Georgia Tech is organized into six colleges and contains about 31 departments, with emphasis on science and technology, and is one of the higest ranking colleges in America.

Nest Picks

Westside Provisions District

Westside Provisions District is a distinctive, modern destination. The development comprises sophisticated office space, 94 innovative and elegant condominium units, and highly desirable boutique retail, showroom, and restaurant spaces.

The Goat Farm Arts Center

The Goat Farm Arts Center is a 12-acre visual and performing arts studio nestled among 19th century industrial factory buildings. It contains studio space for hundreds of artists, and periodically hosts open houses and performances. It is also known for being a filming location for several popular movies and TV shows.

Monday Night Brewing

The founders of this Atlanta brewery met in a Bible study group and subsequently began brewing beer together in a garage on Monday nights. Their motto, "Weekends Are Overrated," and classic necktie logo is featured throughout their marketing. In addition to great local brews, this popular West Midtown location has a great outdoor patio.

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