Meet the Agent: Jan Branyon

Agent: Jan Branyon

We’re proud of the team of agents we’ve assembled here at Nest Realty. We think they’re pretty awesome, and we think you will too. During our “Meet the Agent” series, we sit down with our agents to learn more about them, what makes them tick, and why they’re passionate about the real estate industry. In this installment, we chat with Jan Branyon, owner and Principal Broker with Nest Realty in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Nest Realty: Tell us a bit about yourself! Where are you from? What brought you to Greensboro?
Jan Branyon: I was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. After many corporate moves, our family landed in Greensboro in 1994 and we don’t want to live anywhere but here!

NR: How did you get into real estate?
JB: Because of the all of the corporate moves, I fell in love with moving (crazy, right?) and the process. We had some great agents along with the way and I wanted to help others as we had been helped.

NR: What was your previous career? How has that prepared you for real estate?
JB: Everything I have done in the past adds up to where I am today. Best job is being a mom full time. Although my sons are grown, I still relish that job. From accounting to working as a first responder, I have seen all facets of life.

NR: What led you to Nest Realty, as opposed to another brokerage?
JB: Nest has a fresh marketing approach that I just couldn’t resist, very personalized for our clients as well as agents. Our marketing team is top shelf and is always thinking outside of the box.

NR: What is your favorite part of being an agent?
JB: I love puzzles, whether 100 piece or 1,000 piece, and transactions are like that. Some are easier than others, but I love it when it all comes together.

NR: Do you have a specific area of expertise to offer clients?
JB: I have been told I have an innate ability to listen to what a buyer wants in a home and where they want to live and then I find it. Knowing our market well helps fine tune the search.

NR: What makes you different from other agents? What sets you apart?
JB: With an amazing team of professionals behind me, we welcome every opportunity to help everyone through the process. We put out the fires without the client ever knowing most times. We use our skills to make it as stress-free as possible. It really should be fun!

NR: What are five adjectives that describe you?
JB: Resourceful, tenacious, perceptive, versatile, and motivated.

NR: Who would be your dream client?
JB: My dream client would be someone who can sing along with me in the car; hopefully, they can carry a tune and won’t mind my unsatisfied need for speed. On second thought, maybe they should follow in their own car?

NR: If you had one piece of advice for a first-time home buyer, what would it be?
JB: Work with your lender and agent simultaneously!

NR: What is your favorite season in Greensboro?
JB: Fall has always been my favorite season regardless of town. I love college football, fire pit nights, and oysters!

NR: What is your favorite time of day?
JB: I am an early riser (5 a.m.), a major coffee drinker, and I love a good sunrise.

Jan Branyon is owner and Principal Broker with Nest Realty Greensboro. Her passion is to help you fall in love with the area she knows so well. To learn more about Jan, visit her agent page.

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