2020 Charlottesville Mid Year Market Report

2020 Charlottesville Mid Year Market Report

How’s the market?

We’ve made it to the halfway mark in 2020, already one of the most historic years of the past century. Through pandemic, recession, and civil unrest, it feels like the world could unfold. And yet, things continue to move forward in positive ways. Throughout the Charlottesville area, the real estate market is one of those areas that just doesn’t seem to be willing to slow down.

We present you with our 2020 Charlottesville Mid Year Market Report.

2020 Charlottesville Mid Year Market Report

People need a place to live. It’s just that simple. The housing shortage of the past few years has set the stage for this year, and when fears could grip us, buyers just continue to step up and shop. Across the region, homes continue to have reduced marketing time, reflecting this pent up demand. More and more homes are sold after bidding wars, and the prices reflect that. Sellers’ reluctance to list homes continues to be the greatest barrier to a more active market. New listings were down more than 20% from 2019.

If you are looking to get into the real estate market, or maybe looking to get out, feel free to ask for help. The signals are conflicted, and you need the right strategy to secure the right house at the right price.

We’re here for you. Feel free to reach out directly to your Nest Broker.

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