April Showers: Leak Prevention Tips

Tips on Home Leak Prevention

Spring can be a rainy time of year! While all that water falling from the sky is great for our gardens, you definitely don’t want any getting inside the house. Here are some leak prevention tips—things to be on the lookout for to stop leaks before they start.

Consider Condensation

If you notice your windows fogging up, you could have a broken seal. If the problem gets worse, and depending on the placement of the window, it could start letting water into the house.

The Root of the Problem

Got trees? Big, beautiful trees are an incredible asset to your home, but be careful of roots growing too close to your house. If roots get under or through the foundation, you could have a serious problem on your hands.

Check for Cracks

Every so often, walk around outside your home and check to see if any new cracks have appeared anywhere. New cracks or cracks that are getting bigger could be a sign of foundation problems that could lead to a nasty leak. Cracks can appear on interior walls, too, so don’t ignore them!

Leak Prevention


Be aware of any hills or dips that could make water flow toward your house. Proper drainage is important for keeping your interior dry! If you’ve already experienced rainwater getting into your house, lack of good drainage might be to blame. Bring in the pros to create a drainage system that will guide water away from your foundations.

Look Up!

We take our ceilings for granted most of the time. When you think of it, look up and see if you notice any stains, discolorations, or bulges in the ceilings, which could be a sign of a leaky roof.

Leak Prevention

A little bit of leak prevention can go a long way, so pay attention if you think there might be an issue, and never hesitate to ask your Nest Broker for recommendations if you think there’s a problem.

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