Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Friends of Nest,

We are outraged. The murder of George Floyd has opened deep wounds, and the pain and anger of generations has poured out across communities.

Nest Realty stands with the black community against racial injustice, and the hatred that feeds it. We strive to be inclusive and respectful. Open hearts and minds lead to big ideas, better relationships, and stronger communities.

But we can do better. We must be better.

Words can only take us so far. Now is the time to act. We as a company have donated to the following: Black Lives Matter, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Fair Fight, a group led by Stacey Abrams to battle voter suppression and expand voting access.

All are welcome in our Nest—all agents, clients, and friends of Nest. We all have an obligation to create an equitable environment that rewards kindness and empathy, not short term gains.

We all share the same Nest,
Jonathan, Jim, Keith and Sara

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