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A contrarian approach to traditional paint companies

We’ve all been there—standing in the paint aisle trying to decipher between “Snowbound,” “Chantilly Lace,” and “Cloud White.” Overwhelmed by the options, we are left to close our eyes and point (or arbitrarily choose a shade based on the playfulness of the name)…we then order two gallons, grab supplies, and head home—fingers tightly crossed.

But thanks to Nicole Gibbons, founder of Clare, this historically cumbersome process is now a delightful experience. A visit to the Clare website reveals a carefully curated collection of usable, livable colors that look great in any space. We chatted with Gibbons herself to catch a glimpse into her colorful world: what we found was a mix of charm, wit, business savvy, and a penchant for color.

Nicole Gibbons - Clare

“The average person can’t afford an interior designer, and they struggle with color selection. There are simply too many choices,” she explains. With a decade of experience as a retail exec, then as a residential interior designer, she knew she could simplify and improve the process. “A traditional paint company offers everything under the sun, and there are just too many choices. No one needs that many options. As an interior designer, I would never show a client 35 different paint color options—I would suggest one, with maybe one or two as backups,” she quips.

All designers have a go-to roster of colors, and Gibbons has now shared hers with the world. She raised capital, hired experts to develop the formula, and launched a modern brand that’s changing the paint game. When it comes to whites, you’ll choose from just four options.

whites clare

To try the paint out first hand, we used it in this foyer, featured on the latest cover of NEST Magazine:

fresh paint

For the walls, we used Matcha Latte—a vibrant, energizing green:

And for the ceiling, we used Two Scoops—a fresh, minty green:

We can personally attest that the paint has incredible coverage, causes no drips or splatter, and is virtually odorless. We’re smitten. Head to to order mess-free paint swatches, paint, and high-quality supplies, all delivered right to your front door. Inspired, beautiful, simple.

fresh paint

We shared this color theory article with you in the Spring/Summer 2021 Issue of NEST Magazine. To view the full issue, click here

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