Gardening Tips: Get Your Hands Dirty

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New to gardening? Just bought a new home with a blank outside slate? Freshening up your curb appeal to sell? Whether you’re faced with a sprawling plot of land or a handful of window boxes, the hobby of gardening can be extremely rewarding! Read on for gardening tips to launch you fearlessly on your gardening journey:


Some plants can handle extreme temperatures, while others only grow within a specific temperature range—plants that may thrive in Arizona may not do as well in Virginia, and vice versa. The hardiness zone system provides maps to show gardeners what they can expect from their plants. The higher the zone number, the warmer your climate. Plants that need warmer temps will not be happy in colder zones, so make sure you know your number! Find your hardiness zone here.

gardening zones


Sunlight and water are the two essentials that every plant needs to grow! But as with many things in life, moderation is often the key to success. Take the time to watch how the sun moves across your yard. Which areas get the most direct sunlight? For how long? Some plants love to soak up the sun all day, while others prefer a bit of shade, so plan your plantings well! Water drainage can be an issue, too—you don’t want to plant anything in an area that’s constantly flooding unless it loves water.


What’s your dirt like? Sand? Clay? Is your garden full of stones? Do some digging and figure out what you have, then head to the garden center and ask for some recommendations. Whether you can use what you have or you need to add some plant food or mulch, many plants are particular when it comes to soil. Planting in pots? Invest in some good potting soil and watch your new friends thrive!



Not all plants are created equal. Some stay put, and others spread to cover a larger area. Make a plan before you plant so you can build your garden to suit the functions of each plant. Want to cover a lot of ground? Looking for extra height? Do your research ahead of time and you’ll be able to create something spectacular.



Finally, maintenance is something to consider as you plan your garden. If you enjoy gardening and have the time to maintain finicky plants, go for it! If you prefer a more hands-off approach, consider plants that don’t need as much constant care. You’ll still probably have to water your plants during dry spells and prune occasionally to keep plants healthy and happy. We’ve heard that singing to your plants also works…

For some more in-depth gardening tips and suggestions, check out our post on Yard & Garden Prep. Then roll up your sleeves and get out in the dirt!

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