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Boho Sister Space

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Tiffany Boho Sister Space

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Sibling bliss? Is it possible?

For Raleigh, North Carolina, blogger and Instagram tastemaker Tiffany DeLangie, when creating a space for her 10-year-old and 8-year-old daughters, bliss was at the top of the wish list. Her aim was to design a room that spoke to the girls’ individual styles while still making mom’s designer heart happy.

“I wanted to create a space that expressed both of their personalities—bohemian and whimsical, but a little more mature for my eldest daughter,” explains DeLangie. The starting point for the overall design was the matching vintage rattan headboards she found locally. “They are the perfect statement piece, and I always love having some vintage objects in every room,” says DeLangie.

Next was the Leanne Aztec distressed printed area rug by Alexander Home. DeLangie shares one of her go-to decorating tips: “Start with the rug! Pull colors from it to create your color palette for the room.”

From there, she chose matching bedding to really amplify the cuteness factor of the twin beds. Artwork and accessories in complimentary colors grace the top of the Hemnes dresser by IKEA. The butterfly bookends and bow hooks add the perfect dose of sweetness.

Boho Sister Space

Three ledge shelves from IKEA serve as both an organizational and design element—allowing the girls to display some of their most-often-read books. Convincing faux plants add maintenance-free greenery, and the macramé lounge chair provides an extra chill zone.

Boho Sister Space

Boho Sister Space

Boho Sister Space

The dramatic bronze draperies don’t just add a visual punch to the double-window wall—the thick velvet fabric serves as blackout shades too—a definite must for kiddo rooms. On the nightstand, the adorable white globe lamp with gold base is actually a three-touch lamp found at Walmart. Unicorn busts, empowering artwork, and soft overhead lighting complete the space.

Boho Sister Space

“Kids’ rooms are so fun to design—they are more playful and generally less expensive. There’s less pressure, and you can take greater risks,” shares DeLangie. Let your imagination run wild and create a space that you and your kiddos can enjoy for years to come.

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