The Human Approach: Jennifer Kjellgren in Inman News

Jennifer Kjellgren in Inman News

Real estate industry news provider Inman News recently featured Nest Atlanta Lead Broker Jennifer Kjellgren and her human approach to real estate. The article, “How 3 brokers are making sure their new agents thrive through the pandemic” by Inman staff writer Marian McPherson, profiles Jennifer and two other real estate Brokers who are taking a special approach to caring for their agents during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Human Approach

This quote from the article sums up Jennifer’s approach: “I’m trying to be as available as I can to my agents, as a human being,” Kjellgren said. Outside of the office, agents are encouraged to use the ‘human approach’ with clients because every single client has a different set of needs and unique goals. According to the Nest Broker, “It’s our job to one-by-one, help them.”

You can read the whole article here. Please note that Inman News does require a subscription, though they are currently offering a free 90 day trial for new subscribers.

Congratulations, Jennifer!

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