Is More Development Coming Along 5th Street in Charlottesville?

Over the past few years, Crozet and Northern Albemarle have been the big development spots in Albemarle County.  Neighborhoods like Old Trail and Belvedere have blossomed and have created opportunities close by.  But it looks like 5th Street could be one of Charlottesville’s development centers in the coming months.

Here’s a few examples of what’s happening just south of Downtown Charlottesville:

1. Site work has begun on the Cracker Barrel location along 5th Street – just next to the Holiday Inn by Interstate 64.

2. On the residential side, Whittington is getting closer to fruition.  If you’re familiar with that side of town, it will be close to Mosby Mountain and will include approximately 96 single family homes on 1 acre home sites.  Piedmont Realty and Construction will be building in Whittington’s first phase.

3. The biggest news seems to be what’s happening at the approved Avon Center development.  Rumors are swirling of a Wegman’s Grocery Store and a Target (pronounced Tar-zhay). This would be a big boom to the south side of town, but it will definitely change the landscape.  A major shopping area on this side of Charlottesville that is accessible from Downtown, Interstate 64, Avon Street, and 5th Street could actually alleviate some traffic issues along the 29 corridor, the 250 Bypass, and Hydraulic Road.  We’ll see…

We’ll keep you posted on what we hear – stay tuned to the Nest Report for more updates.

* Photo courtesy of our friends at Charlottesville Tomorrow.

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