It’s Almost Winter! Let’s Buy a House!

By Nancy Massey

Winter is my least favorite time of year. The days are too short, too gray, too windy, and too sloppy. As a Realtor, I worry about power outages and plowing driveways, and I’ve learned that snow boots and newly laid carpet do not go together. I’d trade January and February for just about anything. By March, I’m desperate for signs of spring life–a crocus, a daffodil, a robin–anything that shows we’ve made it through another apocalyptic event. It is, however, the only time of year that I have enough pockets for my lock box key, car keys, pen, and cell phone, and it just might be the best time of year to buy a house!

Reason One: Buyers can breathe. The pressure that comes with the spring market is months away. No quick decisions, no multiple offers, no escalation clauses, no regrets. Buyers and sellers have time to negotiate logically and thoughtfully.

Reason Two: Sellers are selling because they really want or need to sell. Sellers know the winter buyer pool is the smallest of the year, so they tend to try a smidge harder to make the deal work. Even in a seller’s market, winter buyers have the advantage.

Reason Three: It’s a slower time of year for everyone involved in a real estate transaction. You’ll likely receive better service from Realtors, lenders, inspectors, contractors, and attorneys.

Reason Four: Winter is the ugliest time of year. Trees are bare, annuals are long dead, and perennials and grass are dormant, leaving the house exposed, revealing secrets that might have been hidden with vegetation any other time of the year. If you like a property in the winter, you are probably going to LOVE it in the spring, summer, and fall.

Grab your mittens and your boots and let’s go find a house!

Nancy Massey is an Associate Broker at Nest Realty New River Valley. With thirteen moves and ten home purchases under her belt, she can sympathize and empathize with the rigors of buying and selling a home.

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