Local Love: Peg’s Salt

Peg's Salt

Your Spice Cabinet’s Secret Ingredient

by Aimee Roberts

A beloved family recipe has the ability to transcend generations. Ask any home chef and they’ll tell you: Cooking is a love language.

What started as a labor of love in an Ohio kitchen in the 1970s has grown into a special brand with local ties and national reach. Today we’re sprinkling your newsfeed with some Local Love for Peg’s Salt, the new secret ingredient in your spice cabinet—hand-mixed and bottled in Staunton, Virginia.

Cass Cannon, owner of Peg’s Salt, is a Friend of Nest and worked with our very own Betty Aguilar to purchase her home.

Peg's Salt

Cass’s mother, Peg, had a salt recipe that Cass begged her to write down thanks to all the comments from friends and family, who would often say, “Wow, I love it. Can I get more?”

More you may now have, as the beloved family recipe has been passed down to Cass, who has thoughtfully expanded the reach of her mother’s salt recipe! Thanks to the help of Vector Industries, a nonprofit that employs workers with disabilities, Peg’s Salt is on the shelf in the Local Goodness section at all Food Lions in the state of Virginia, 14 (and counting) Whole Foods stores, and even on Amazon Prime—with two-day shipping. To learn more about the ingredients, see store availability, and take a deeper dive into the history of Peg’s Salt, click here.

After chatting with Cass, I had to try this special salt for myself. And I’ll tell you this—the most magical element of Peg’s Salt is that the flavor profile naturally enhances whatever you use it on! Chicken on the grill, avocado toast, a fresh tomato from the garden…the list goes on. I especially love it on local scrambled eggs with a touch of melted cheddar.

Peg's Salt

Peg’s Salt makes every recipe pop! I loved Cass’s analogy: “Using Peg’s Salt is like when Dorothy’s world in The Wizard of Oz transforms from black and white to color.” I whole-heartedly agree! Order a jar and sprinkle Peg’s Salt, along with some love, onto your next meal.

Aimee Roberts is Nest Shenandoah Valley’s marketing and development manager. She loves building relationships, community, and businesses. To learn more about Aimee, visit her bio page.

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