Meet the Agent: Robin Cape

Agent: Robin Cape

We’re proud of the team of agents we’ve assembled here at Nest Realty. We think they’re pretty awesome, and we think you will too. During our “Meet the Agent” series, we sit down with our agents to learn more about them, what makes them tick, and why they’re passionate about the real estate industry. In this installment, we chat with Robin Cape, a Broker with Nest Realty in Asheville, North Carolina.

Nest Realty: Tell us a bit about yourself! Where are you from? What brought you to Asheville?
Robin Cape: I first came to the mountains as a young girl with my grandparents on summer vacations. I came back 30 years later after traveling the world because I was looking for a place that felt like home. Asheville has everything that I loved in so many of the places that I lived in over the years: beautiful scenery, great weather, and a world class city.

NR: How did you get into real estate?
RC: After working for other people for years in local government and nonprofits, I wanted to get back to working for myself again. I looked across all my vast experiences and realized that everything pointed to the built environment. My mother retired from real estate at 80, so I was very familiar with how I could grow with this business. It’s the right fit for me and my life.

NR: What was your previous career? How has that prepared you for real estate?
RC: I’ve always dabbled in real estate. I bought my first property when I was 25. It was five acres and an 1880s log cabin under the kudzu. A radical renovation created an off the grid, organic homestead where I discovered my love of remodeling. Moving to Asheville in 1988, I bought a run down house and ended up collecting so many items off the side of the road to fix it up that I opened an architectural salvage company. I was in that business for more than 10 years, buying and remodeling commercial and residential properties, so I had plenty of experience with the whole real estate spectrum. Then in my years in local government I had first hand experience with how communities thrive and how local laws affect property rights. I’ve always had a deep interest and passion for energy efficiency and renewable energy along with my remodeling projects, so I understand homes, the built environment, and how they all interact with the health of our planet. I currently live in a home with 33 solar panels, two batteries, geothermal heating and cooling, and an upgraded building envelope. We are trying to build a sustainable permaculture homestead on our little piece of land in the city, so there is much I have in common with my clients.

NR: What led you to Nest Realty, as opposed to another brokerage?
RC: I love the support that Nest offers their agents. I want to focus on my clients and their needs, so I need someone focusing on mine!

NR: What is your favorite part of being an agent?
RC: I love helping people think through their property needs and goals so that we find them the right home in the right place. I also LOVE exploring the nooks and crannies of our lovely area. Over every hill there is an amazing vista to gawk at!

NR: Do you have a specific area of expertise to offer clients?
RC: Though I am not a building expert and never claim to be, I have a good sense of the bones of a home and whether or not it can be made into the home of their dreams.

NR: What makes you different from other agents? What sets you apart?
RC: I think my experience in the public sector, as an entrepreneur, and as a renewable and energy efficiency advocate brings a unique perspective to my clients.

NR: What are five adjectives that describe you?
RC: Curious, resourceful, hardworking, passionate, and creative.

NR: Who would be your dream client?
RC: I would love to work with someone who wants to build a fully sustainable green homestead where others can learn how to live in harmony with the earth.

NR: If you had one piece of advice for a first-time home buyer, what would it be?
RC: Don’t go too far off budget, but don’t let a few thousand dollars derail you from your dream home.

NR: What is your favorite season in Asheville?
RC: Spring is my favorite season because I get so much energy for planting my garden.

NR: What’s the most pressing issue you think we face right now?
RC: I think that learning to live in harmony and in a regenerative way with the earth is the most powerful challenge we have to face right now. Over my lifetime and rich experience of living in so many different places, I have seen first hand the way in which the planet is changing faster than it has before. I know we are able to evolve to address these changes, but the challenge is, can we do it faster than we typically do? I think we humans have such a unique opportunity to face the challenges of planetary change with all of our creativity, technology, and heart to build a future that works for all: humanity, the flora and fauna, and our sweet earth.

Robin is a Broker with Nest Realty Asheville. She has found Asheville to be the perfect match for her artistic, creative, and engaged spirit. To learn more about Robin, visit her agent page.

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