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His name embroidered on his flight suit. Mason has a need for speed.

He was our most popular Guest of Nest at our recent Nest Presents night at Zeus Theater — an event we’ve wanted to plan for nearly two years, delayed because of the pandemic.

A last minute development courtesy of two outgoing guys, we thought our Maverick and Goose look-alikes would steal the show; however, their flight suits hadn’t arrived in time.

Mason, though, he’s had his flight suit for two years, and he was just waiting for the release of this blockbuster — much like Nest Realty Shenandoah Valley. And while our Maverick and Goose lookalikes weren’t available for this event, a Top Gun did steal the show, and his name is Mason. Mason’s mom and dad watched him, smiling, feeling their son’s joy. The whole family was equally excited to attend a pre-release showing of the new Top Gun movie because Dad had to work on opening night. What we witnessed, thanks to Nest’s Marketing programming, was a core memory blossoming!

In his Nest Realty aviators, embroidered flight suit, and Need for Speed hat, Mason proudly saluted as he posed at the Step and Repeat. He even smiled for pictures with agents too, and autographed a movie ticket! Mason may want to serve in the Air Force someday, or maybe become a police officer. His mom says he goes back and forth.

meet maverick

At Nest, we are in the business of creating memorable experiences, whether in a real estate transaction, or at our client appreciation events. Nest Presents is a special kind of magic because joy is vicarious, and contagious, and seeing Maverick Moments like Mason’s are what makes Nest Presents such a special event. Complimentary tickets, plus popcorn, candy, and drinks. The Zeus employees excitedly sported Nest aviators too. It was a night of fun for our agents and clients, especially Mason’s family, new Friends of Nest, who saw the River Hill Nest Presents announcement on social media and reached out to Priscilla and Ben for additional details.

Mason left the theater with a bouquet of balloons, the ones we used to direct traffic, including the balloon stamped You’re The Best — because our clients, old, new, and future, truly are the best. Now that the pandemic is in the rearview mirror, our clients, and our newest agents too, know that they can trust Nest to help create memories outside the transaction too. We thanked them for that opportunity before the show!

There was an electric energy at the Top Gun: Maverick pre-release in Waynesboro last week, and our Guests of Nest were over the moon to experience the connection of client events again.

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