Meet the Agent: Angelina Santus

Agent: Angelina Santus

We’re proud of the team of agents we’ve assembled here at Nest Realty. We think they’re pretty awesome, and we think you will too. During our “Meet the Agent” series, we sit down with our agents to learn more about them, what makes them tick, and why they’re passionate about the real estate industry. In this installment, we chat with Angelina Santus, an agent in Greene County, Virginia.

Nest Realty: Tell us a bit about yourself! What brought you to Greene County?
Angelina Santus: I’m originally from Western Pennsylvania, and it can be hard to find jobs in education. My family had moved to South Carolina, so my husband and I felt that Virginia was a nice mid-point to live.

NR: How did you get into real estate?
AS: I am dedicated member of the YOLO economic movement brought on by COVID-19. I chose myself and my own happiness over a 16-year career. I chose to try something new, a personal dream, and get out of the monotonous race that was a highly imbalanced work life.

NR: What was your previous career? How has that prepared you for real estate?
AS: I was a school counselor for 16 years and I helped thousands of students over the years transition into the next phase of their life—adulthood. I love working with others to smoothly assist them through processes that may seem intimidating or complex.

NR: What led you to Nest Realty, as opposed to another brokerage?
AS: An opportunity came open in Greene County to become part of a new office, a new branch. When I saw who my mentors would be, I knew I could not ask for a better team to join.

NR: What is your favorite part of being an agent?
AS: Meeting new people. I love hearing about people’s hopes, experiences, and dreams. I love being a small part in their story of finding their home.

NR: What makes you different from other agents? What sets you apart?
AS: Having a master’s in counseling allows me to actively listen and process what clients are saying and seeking. This allows me to work with them in a way they feel heard, confident, and safe.

NR: What are five adjectives that describe you?
AS: Detail oriented, workhorse, power napper, animal lover, and careful observer.

NR: Who would be your dream client?
AS: A former student. I helped them through one massive life transition, and to be chosen to be a part of another major decision would be an honor.

NR: If you had one piece of advice for a first-time home buyer, what would it be?
AS: Get your credit and finances in order! Preparing to buy a home should be a thoughtfully planned and well intentioned step in the purchasing process.

NR: What is your favorite season in Greene County?
AS: Summer. I love intense heat, swimming, and the long days.

Angelina Santus is an agent with Nest Realty Greene County. With an eye for detail and a desire to make the buying and selling process as smooth as possible, she keeps her clients as her focus at all times. To learn more about Angelina, visit her agent page.

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