Meet the Agent: Bob Headrick

Nest agent Bob Headrick was kind enough to set aside some time last week to answer our Meet the Agent Q&A. He’s a former technology executive so he’s got some great insight into, well, technology, but also on what skills he leverages from his previous career to help his clients find the perfect property.

Nest Realty:  Welcome to the hot seat! Let’s jump right in. How did you get into real estate?  

Bob Headrick:  I was an executive with a technology company that was sold and relocated out of the area. I reinvented myself at 40 by getting my real estate license. I haven’t looked back since.


N.R.:  I just recently transitioned from the tech world, it’s great to change perspectives! Once you switched gears, what was the first property you ever sold for a client? 

B.H.:  A commercial condo at Sachem Village


N.R.:  Having sold many properties since then, what have you come to love most about being a Realtor? 

B.H.:  I love putting my sales, marketing and negotiating skills to work with every client.


N.R.:  When did you bring your negotiating skills to the Nest team? 

B.H.:  About 3 years ago when Nest acquired Summit Realty.


N.R.:  As a person who has worked in the tech industry, how has technology changed the way you do business as a Nest agent? 

B.H.:  Each year technology helps improve the efficiency of each transaction.


N.R.:  Agreed. Let’s look at our market. What trend should we be on the lookout for in Central Virginia or in the real estate industry in general? 

B.H.:  Transitioning from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market.


N.R.:  What makes the Central Virginia market so unique that buyers keep flocking here? 

B.H.:  The beauty of the surrounding area combined with our historic treasures, including UVA.


N.R.:  What’s your favorite time of the year in C’ville?  Why? 

B.H.:  Spring and fall. Spring because everything comes to life. Fall because of the cooler weather and fall foliage.


N.R.:  What’s the one thing you would tell a new homebuyer to keep in mind throughout the process? 

B.H.:  Do not get emotionally attached until after the negotiations are complete.


N.R.:  Amen. What’s the most important room in a house?  Why?  

B.H.:  If you like to cook, I think the kitchen/family room combo is the most important room. For me personally, it’s the kitchen and the dining room because whether someone is cooking or sitting down to eat, you can always be near one another.


N.R.:  We did that growing up too, and I hope my future home has a dining room for that very reason! We’re in the home stretch now. Dream celebrity client?

B.H.:  Sting.


N.R.:  Enough said. Last question:  What’s YOUR idea of the perfect home? 

B.H.:  Modern, light-filled, open plan with a great kitchen and master suite, nicely landscaped with killer mountain and city views.


Want to connect with Bob?

PHONE: 434-242-8501

EMAIL: [email protected]

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