Meet the Agent: David Ferrall

This week in “Meet the Agent” we sat down with Nester David Ferrall. During our conversation we discussed how technology makes our lives easier, his favorite author, and how he leverages his experiences on Wall Street to help his clients secure a great deal.


Nest Realty:  How did you get into real estate?

David Ferrall:  I enjoy buying and selling things, and I am good at doing so. Getting good prices on both the buy side and the sell side is what I always strive for. When I started looking at real estate personally, I realized I could use my skills to help clients professionally.


N.R.:  When was the first time you put those negotiation skills to work for a client?

D.F.:  The first property I sold for a client was a newish home on top of a hill in Nelson County. A beautiful spot that the owner hated to leave!


N.R.:  I imagine it would be hard to leave that type of view behind! Speaking of big transitions, why did you join the Nest team?

D.F.:  I joined the Nest team when the prior brokerage I was with merged into Nest. Boy am I happy that happened!


N.R.:  We’re happy too! How has technology changed the way you do business?

D.F.:  Technology has really brought new efficiencies into the property purchasing process. The information has always been there, but researching a property is now easier than ever, and can be done from almost anywhere. Though not from rural Vermont as I discovered last week…


N.R.:  I bet rural Vermont is lovely this time of year! What’s your favorite time of year HERE in C’ville? 

D.F.:  Spring is a time of rebirth and opportunity. And of looking forward to new things. Spring in Albemarle and Nelson Counties brings life to the trees, the animals, and the hills. A glorious time of year.


N.R.:  Thanks for your time, David. Only one more question! Dream celebrity client?

D.F.:  I would love to help author Bill Bryson relocate to this area. But, heck, he is in Yorkshire, I am not sure I would make that trade either!


Want to connect with David?

CELL:  434-882-LAND (5263)

EMAIL:  [email protected]


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