Meet the Agent: Greg Slater

I’m confident when I say that the focus of this week’s “Meet the Agent” spotlight is pretty happy this Wednesday morning, after an epic Virginia Tech win on Monday night. Learn how this Hokie got into this industry and why he thinks we all need to be looking at how the energy efficiency debate is changing the (real estate) game.   

Nest Realty:  Congrats on the big win! Now, let’s get down to business. How did you get into real estate? 

Greg Slater:  After graduating from Virginia Tech and moving back to Richmond, I was invited by a friend to join him in the real estate and homebuilding business.


N.R.:  As a wahoo, I won’t hold your alma mater against you…moving on! What was the first property you ever sold for a client?  

G.S.:  The first listing I ever sold was on Georgetown Road. A friend was building it for himself and ultimately decided to sell it.


N.R.:  What do you love most about being a Realtor? 

G.S.:  I love being in a position to help others. When I am able to add value that makes the difference for my clients, I get a great sense of accomplishment and share in their success vicariously through them.


N.R.:  Great answer. Why did you end up joining the Nest team? 

G.S.:  Nest Realty embodies all of the best practices and philosophies of the real estate industry and is proactively looking ahead unlike any other company of which I am familiar.  The customer/client experience comes first. They help me serve my clients better every day.


N.R.:  One thing that Nest really works on is innovation. How has technology changed the way you do business? 

G.S.:  Technology has changed my role and my productivity. Technology has put the information out there. I now get to spend more time helping my clients understand the information as opposed to being the gatekeeper of it all. I also find that I can be more efficient and productive with all of the new ways to communicate, specifically, the timely sharing of information.


N.R.:  What trend should we be on the lookout for in the Central Virginia market or in the real estate industry in general?    

G.S.:  In my opinion, the biggest trend on the horizon is energy efficiency and the performance of our housing. Builders are moving in this direction rapidly and this is going to raise awareness among potential homebuyers. Current homeowners can benefit greatly by becoming aware of these trends and taking advantage of improving their homes in the right way.


N.R.:  It’s interesting when you think of energy efficiency in terms of the performance of our housing. Last question:  What’s the one thing you would tell a new homebuyer to keep in mind throughout the process? 

G.S.:  A home purchase is a long term consideration. Needs can change over time along with lifestyle changes. Try and look ahead 5 or 10 years the best you can and consider those differences.


Want to connect with Greg?

PHONE:  434-981-6655

EMAIL:  [email protected]



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