Meet the Agent: Grier Murphy

Grier Murphy  combines a love of real estate with a passion for customer service to guide her clients through the home buying or selling process. Read this week’s Meet the Agent interview to learn more about why she chose to join the Nest team and what trends (think smarter homes!) she wants to make her clients aware of as we head into 2013.

Nest Realty:  How did you first get into real estate as a career? 

Grier Murphy:  I got into real estate by buying my first investment property. The listing agent, who was the principal broker of the firm, liked my enthusiasm about the process and the homework I had done and felt that my personality would be a good fit. He offered me a job at his firm in an administrative position as a way to learn the ropes before I became a full-time agent.


N.R.:  Once you became a full-time agent, what was the first property you ever sold for a client? 

G.M.:  I sold a home to a good friend of mine who was relocating to the area and bought in Cory Farm in Crozet.


N.R.:  I know you love your job as a Realtor, but what is one of your favorite things about coming into work everyday? 

G.M.:  I love the relationships I develop with my clients and knowing that I have had such an important role in one of their major life decisions. I am good friends with many of the clients I have met over the years and we have gotten to know one another’s families. I also love to see how people live and get a sense of their style. Being a Realtor gives you a very unique insight into people’s lives and I find that really interesting.


N.R.:  What was it about Nest Realty that made you wan to join the team? 

G.M.:  I joined Nest because I was looking for the real estate office that genuinely felt like ME. When I came to Nest it was apparent immediately that I had found my perfect fit. I felt so honored to be part of a group of colleagues all of whom I could really say were great agents. Also, the vision that Nest had for the client experience, and use of branding and technology to provide unparalleled knowledge and expertise to those clients, was inspiring and exciting. There was no question that I wanted to be part of that.


N.R.:  Speaking of technology, how has it changed the way you do business? 

G.M.:  Technology has changed everything I do. I am faster with my responses to clients. I can access information wherever I am to help solve problems and answer questions. It makes me feel empowered and confident,  which is key to a good client experience.


N.R.:  As clients look to you for information and advice on the Central Virginia market or in the real estate industry in general, what trends would you highlight? 

G.M.:  I think we should be on the lookout for smarter-designed homes. Everything else in our lives has become so geared to efficiency and customization, and our houses have not quite caught up entirely. I think we will see a real shift towards the demand for homes that work the way we need them to and that are truly customized to the individual.


N.R.:  What if your client was a first-time homebuyer? What should they be on the lookout for throughout the process? 

G.M.: I just like to manage my client’s expectations all throughout the process and keep them informed about what is to come as each step unfolds so that there are no surprises. I would tell them to be patient, remain open to possibilities, and keep an eye on the big picture.


N.R.:  It’s hard to believe, but we are almost to the first of the year! What’s your favorite time of the year in Cville?  Why? 

G.M.:  My favorite time in Charlottesville is the Fall. I love the crisp air and the fact that you can be outside enjoying all of the many outdoor activities without the oppressive heat of the Summer. I love apple picking and hayrides, the music festivals, and the gorgeous colors. There is just such an energy about the Fall that puts me in a good mood!

N.R.:  Last question, thanks for sitting down with Meet the Agent! What’s the most important room in a house?  Why? 

G.M.:  The kitchen, of course. Whether you live by yourself or have a giant family, the kitchen is always the hub. It is where we start and end our day, where we let down our guard, and where we relax. I have a hard time getting people to leave my kitchen and hang out in the living room, but luckily our two rooms are open to one another!


Want to connect with Grier?

PHONE: 434-466-5850

EMAIL: [email protected]

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