Meet the Agent: Janice Kavanagh

Meet Janice Kavanagh. This New England transplant not only switched hometowns but also careers, and hasn’t looked back since. In our Q&A this week, we chat about old architecture, new forms of communication and our mutual love of HGTV.

Nest Realty:  How did you get into real estate?  

Janice Kavanagh:  I grew up in a house built in 1810 in New England. I have always been drawn to older homes, of which Charlottesville has so many. When I was looking for a career change from hospitality, it just seemed like an obvious move. Real estate allows me to leverage my years of experience in the service business, but now I also get to see a lot of unique old homes!


N.R.:  That sounds like it was a pretty seamless transition. What was the first property you ever sold for a client?  

J.K.:  A small bungalow in Belmont.


N.R.:  What do you love most about being a Realtor? 

J.K.:  That each day is truly different. Where I go, who I meet, it changes from day to day. I really do love that!


N.R.:  There is never a dull moment here, that’s for sure! Why did you decide to practice real estate with Nest? 

J.K.:  The experienced, quality agents already with Nest. As well as Nest’s consistently creative marketing.


N.R.:  We do have an amazing team, and everyone seems to leverage technology in some way. How has technology changed the way YOU do business?

J.K.:  I’ve seen an increased efficiency with communicating with my clients. Today, information is delivered pretty much immediately, from anywhere, anytime. That has allowed me to be more efficient, and have more personal time at home instead of in the office.


N.R.:  What’s your favorite time of the year in Cville?  Why? 

J.K.:  Winter, it is so much warmer here than it is in New England!


N.R.:  Touché. 😀 What’s the most important room in a house?  Why? 

J.K.:  That is different for most everyone. It’s the place you truly relax, unwind and enjoy yourself, your family and friends. For me, personally, it is my large covered porch, facing my flower gardens and bird feeders.


N.R.:  Based on your answer above, I think I may have an idea what your answer is here, but I’ll ask anyway. What’s YOUR idea of the perfect home? 

J.K.:  My own. It’s where I unwind and enjoy my favorite things, family and friends. It is perfect for me…


N.R.:  You’ve made it to the final question, and it’s a fun one! Dream celebrity client? 

J.K.:  David Bromstad from HGTV’s Color Splash. I think he would so much fun to find an old house for and then see how he turns it into something magnificent.


Want to connect with Janice?
PHONE:  434-760-0739
EMAIL:  [email protected]

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