Meet the Agent: Kelly Ceppa

Time sure does fly. It’s hard to believe, but we’ve already featured 10 fabulous Nest agents in our weekly “Meet the Agent” series!

We kick off October (!) with a great interview with Nester Kelly Ceppa. Read on to learn how her own home purchase inspired a career change, how first-time homebuyers are some of her favorite clients and how her favorite time in Charlottesville is just around the corner. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Kelly!

Nest Realty: How did you get into real estate?

Kelly Ceppa: The experience of buying my own home was so interesting to me. It transformed my life in so many good ways: it gave me a feeling of ownership in my town, the equity in my home was the beginning of my nest egg (pun intended!), and, I finally felt “at home” in my house. So, I believe in home ownership! I think it is the single best step that anyone can take for increasing their net worth—securing their future for themselves and for their family—and for vesting themselves as citizens in our community. I love to help others become homeowners, or to prepare and sell their current home to make the transition to a new home, because I know what a good thing it is to have your own Nest!


N.R.: I expect, then, that helping first-time home buyers is part of why you love being a Realtor?

K.C.: I particularly enjoy helping first time buyers get started in homeownership because I believe in it and I enjoy educating buyers about the process, helping them understand contract terms, inspection issues, mortgage terms, etc., and how to prioritize their wants and needs to choose the best home in their price range. Their success is my success! It absolutely makes my day to meet one of my clients around town and hear them tell me, “I love my new home!”  It’s a great feeling to love where you live!


N.R.: Speaking of new homes, what brought you to Nest?

K.C.: I was excited about applying to a real estate company that might not accept me–because they have a high standard for agent performance and client satisfaction here at Nest. I love the culture at Nest where how many sales you make is not more important than how satisfied your clients are. Success is built into this model as a result of good service. I love the group of Nest agents and the quality and attention to detail in every product and event. And, at the same time, there is a levity and sense of humor and a humility that keeps the energy here to strive for ever higher performance. I shop local, eat local, and I now work local, too—just blocks from my home.

I love working for a local company, not a national franchise, with a standard that keeps me challenged and motivated. I still love my new Nest!


N.R.: One thing many Realtors notice upon their transition to Nest, is the focus on leveraging technology to make things more efficient. How has technology changed the way you do business?

K.C.: When I came to Nest, I had the goal to change my relationship with technology from one of frustrating necessity to grace and ease. With a little bit of help and input from fellow Nesters, I switched to a Mac, bought an iPad, and have never looked back. I have fully transformed my use of technology to a joyous friendship and now run a paperless office. My clients love this and my Nest office never asks me for a paper copy of any document, so I am proud to say that “no trees die in my transactions!”


N.R.: I suspect we’ll continue to see a trend in all industries toward going paperless. What trends should we be on the lookout for in our market or in the real estate industry in general?

K.C.: I think that the single most often asked question that I get from buyers these days is, “what is within walking distance to this property?” Buyers want to be able to walk to downtown or to restaurants or parks—to something! I see this across all age brackets but most particularly in the Gen X and Y crowds. I see buyer interest trending away from the suburbia idea of the late twentieth century to a new urbanism where services are integrated within communities like in old Europe.  I think it’s an outgrowth of the green revolution which we have already seen taking hold and bringing up the energy efficiency standards of new construction. I see the developers and builders starting to catch on and I applaud their response to this request for a more sustainable type of urban development that keeps quality of life as a priority.


N.R.: What is your favorite time of year in Charlottesville? Why?

K.C.: Autumn is definitely my favorite time of year in Cville because it’s so beautiful! The Blue Ridge Mountains turn red, orange, and gold! The sun is still warm, but the air is cool, crisp, and dry. The breezes return and hiking and camping in the mountains are great. The Farmer’s Market is full of a rainbow of colors of the fall crops: butternut, acorn, and delicata squashes; pumpkins and gourds; local apples, chestnuts, … and life is good!

Want to connect with Kelly?
PHONE:  434-981-2506
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