Meet the Agent: Marjorie Adam

Nest Realty’s Meet the Agent series picks back up with a Realtor who has been practicing in Central Virginia since she started her professional career. Read on to learn how Marjorie Adam and her dynamic team combine the latest technology with the best practices of customer service…and how they’ll need a mini bus to find all of their dream celebrity clients their perfect homes! 

Nest Realty:  We’re so glad you, Jacques and Mary are here at Nest. What are the origins of the Marjorie Adam team? 

Marjorie Adam:  I grew up around real estate. My Mom was a Realtor in Charlottesville and I started off as her assistant. People loved and trusted her, and she was a great person to learn from. I have been a Realtor since I was 24, so this has always been my career and what I wanted to do. I have had the privilege to work with my brother, Jacques, for the past 10 years, so we truly are a family team.


N.R.:  That’s amazing, to have your mother as your mentor. What was the first property you sold when you were first starting out?

M.A.:  My first listing was a townhome in Briarwood. I still have a picture of that house on my desk at home. My first buyer client bought a house off of Proffit Road. They still live there today. I still see both families and have them over to my house. We joke that they had no idea that they were my first clients ever.


N.R.:  This business really does help forge longterm relationships between Realtors and clients. Is that part of why you love being a Realtor? 

M.A.:  I love building relationships with my clients. I love watching their families grow. It is a great joy to help find someone their first home or to help a family with life changes. I also truly love helping to solve problems. I think there is always a solution to a problem and we are there to find it.


N.R.:  Why did you join the Nest team? 

M.A.:  To put it simply, Nest gets it. Nest understands that as Realtors, we need to always be learning and that service is at the heart of what we do. Nest stays ahead of the changes in the market and continues to innovate.


N.R.:  Speaking of innovation, how has technology changed the way you do business? 

M.A.:  I cannot imagine being without my smartphone at this point. Being able to download offers in the car, search the MLS from anywhere and communicate quickly makes me a more effective Realtor. I also cannot imagine not having DocuSign. However, nothing takes the place of hand written notes and picking up the phone.


N.R.:  I do love a good thank you note. 🙂 What trend should we be on the lookout for in the Central Virginia market or in the real estate industry in general? 

M.A.:  I would say energy efficiency and buying local are what I am hearing most about. In homes, more bedroom suites (bath leading into a bedroom), the kitchen as the center of the home and the elimination of formal, unused spaces.

N.R.:  It’s interesting to see the demand for formal, unused spaces diminish. What’s the most important room in a house to you? Why? 

M.A.:  The kitchen, because that is where we spend all of our time. My husband makes great meals every night (side note-marry a chef) and I lose at Boggle to my 14 year old at our kitchen table. My 11 year old is learning to cook like his Dad, which is wonderful.


N.R.:  I, too, can vouch for the benefits of marrying a chef! What’s your favorite time of the year in Cville? Why? 

M.A.:  I love the fall. I love going to festivals with my family, like the Apple Harvest Festival at Graves Mountain. Our family loves the Spirit Walk downtown. We can sleep with the windows open with no AC and we hang out on the porch and patio with friends. We have a big BBQ every fall at our house and set off fireworks. I love fireworks…


N.R.:  We’re hitting the home stretch! What’s the one thing you would tell a new homebuyer to keep in mind throughout the process? 

M.A.:  Ask lots of questions. This is a totally new experience and no question is unimportant.


N.R.:  Dream celebrity client? 

M.A.:  This is a tough one for me. There are so many to chose from. You did not specify alive or not, and I have a car that holds seven people, so I pick Thomas Jefferson, Ray Charles, Warren Buffett, Lady Di, Katherine Graham and Walt Disney. That would be a fun car ride.


N.R.:  Everybody better buckle up for that ride! Last question. What’s YOUR idea of the perfect home? 

M.A.:  My home to me is the perfect home. We have privacy without feeling isolated, great schools and just enough space, inside and out.


Want to connect with The Marjorie Adam Team?
DIRECT:  434-326-1881
MARJORIE’S CELL:  434-882-0983
EMAIL:  [email protected]

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