Meet the Agent: Robert Russo

We close out October by interviewing Nest Agent Robert Russo! In this week’s “Meet the Agent” blog we discuss how the “Information Revolution” has changed the real estate industry at an exponential pace. We also chat about why, in our fast-paced world, slowing down to appreciate the beauty of Fall is important too.

Nest Realty:  Thanks for sitting down with us, Robert! What do you love most about being a Realtor?   

Robert Russo:  By far, my favorite thing about being a Realtor is visiting up to 25 different homes per week. I truly love seeing all the different architectural features our area has to offer. Not only is it an efficient way to stay on top of market trends, but it’s also an amazing way to get new ideas for home improvement projects.


N.R.:  25 homes a week? I imagine your home improvement list is a sight to behold! I’ve noticed all of our Realtors are constantly out and about, is that why you joined the Nest team?   

R.R.:  It’s truly wonderful to come into the office every day, surrounded by like-minded people, who have such a passion for what we do.


N.R.:  Agreed. Many of us Nesters have the latest gadget or app. How has technology changed the way YOU do business?  

R.R.:  If the the 20th Century belonged to the Industrial Revolution, 100 years from now, people will say the 21st Century was the beginning of the “Information Revolution.” In just the last 4 years alone, our ability to search, evaluate and distribute information has grown exponentially.


N.R.:  Though all that data is amazing, what is one of the intangible things that makes the Central Virginia market so unique?  

R.R.:  Our market is so unique because of the unbelievable variety of people who call Central Virginia home. In the last 12 months I’ve helped families from Buffalo, Utah, Connecticut, Boston, Germany, China and the UK. Diversity is our greatest asset.


N.R.:  Wow! Obviously there is something pulling folks to Charlottesville. What’s your favorite time of the year here?  Why?  

R.R.:  Fall. Cool temps, brilliant fall colors, all within 25 minutes of the Shenandoah National Park.


N.R.:  Fall is my favorite season as well! What’s the one thing you would tell a new homebuyer (like me!) to keep in mind throughout the process?  

R.R.:  Look beyond the contents of a given home.


N.R.:  That’s very zen…I like it. 🙂 Last question. Ideal celebrity client?

R.R.:  Easiest question in the world. Thomas Jefferson. Whether buying or selling,  Mr.  Jefferson would be the most stimulating client on Earth.

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