Meet the Nest Agent: Bill Martin

Our Meet the Agent series marches on. This week’s featured Realtor is Bill Martin. Keep reading to learn more about what sets this experienced country property specialist apart from the crowd. 

Nest Realty:  You’ve travelled the globe, how did you get into real estate in Central Virginia?

Bill Martin:  My wife Dumisile and I retired from the U.S. Foreign Service and wanted to try something totally new in our “next lives.”  It turns out that living and working in challenging international settings was excellent training for a real estate career!  My wife and I bought a piece of a small mountain up against the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains, worked with a competent and friendly Builder out of Afton, and created a wonderful home and haven.  The experience was so enjoyable that I decided I’d like to help others understand that buying rural property in this exceptional area can be both fun and rewarding!


N.R.:  Once you made the transition, what was the first property you ever sold?

B.M.:  I was very fortunate to list the private antique home of a local Builder whose niche is creating pieces of “living space art” out of transplanted antique log homes and reclaimed building materials.  Because it was such a special property, I was able to match a California buyer with the builder-seller and had the property under contract in 69 days.  It usually takes longer to sell country property, but matching buyers and sellers who have similarly unique tastes is what I enjoy.


N.R.:  Can you give our readers an explanation of your market niche of “Affordable Farms, Antique Homes and Country Property.” 

B.M.:  Look, I like to kick around in the hills and dirt!  And there is a small but growing market niche of folks who either want to get back to the land, are looking for a second home, or want to retire to a quieter, more serene environment after busy careers in the rat race.  While Central Virginia is famous for large, three-board-fence estates, there is a market for smaller farms and farmettes that are more affordably priced.  Frequently, these folks invest their sweat equity into making these country homes – frequently antique homes – their dreams come true.  I’ve sold a 300 acre farm and cabins on small acreage in the woods. Both transactions are meaningful to me when I help buyers and sellers achieve success.


N.R.:  Kick around in the hills and dirt…love it! Why did you bring that expertise to the Nest team?

B.M.:  Nest rocks!  I was perfectly content in a small two-agent firm selling country property.  But Nest Realty is the hottest, most innovative real estate firm in the Charlottesville area.  I wanted to benefit from Nest’s innovation and more expansive reach, and Nest wanted to bring a farm and rural estate niche into their midst.  We have a great match!


N.R.:  From a country properties perspective, what makes the Central Virginia market so unique?

B.M.:  The magic of these pretty blue mountains, the rich history of the people who have inhabited these hills and valleys, and the mystique of Mr. Jefferson are all major factors.  But the University of Virginia, a growing and diverse employment base, and a fascinating music and arts community contribute to making this area one of the most attractive places to live and work in the world.


N.R.:  What’s the one thing you would tell a new country property homebuyer to keep in mind throughout the process?

B.M.:  Make it fun.  Buying country property is about finding the right piece of land with a home on it that literally “sings” to the Buyer.  It requires a little more vision and, frequently, a willingness to invest a little more time and sweat equity into getting the music on the page into harmony.  So a little vision and some patience are key to making the process work for the Buyer.  The payoff down line is huge – a country home in the midst of a thriving community that is rich in history and full of activities that can be enjoyed during our four spectacular seasons!


Want to connect with Bill?
BILL’S CELL:  434-996-3726

EMAIL:  [email protected]


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