Meet the Nest Agent: Bob Hughes

What follows is the first in a Nest blog series entitled, “Meet the Agent.” We’ve got an amazing team of Realtors here at Nest, and this series gives us a chance to showcase what makes each of them unique. Special kudos to Bob Hughes for being our first test subject (cough, cough, we mean volunteer). 

So, without further ado, meet Nest agent Bob Hughes.

Nest Realty: So, how did you get into real estate?

Bob Hughes:  Daley Craig (a local developer) approached me at a Children’s Christmas Party at Farmington Country Club, where I worked at the time.  He could tell by my facial expression that I was way over 200 kids on sugar highs running around the ballroom, and I think he was too. He said, “you should get into real estate” and I said, ” okay. ” I made the move within the year.


N.R.:  200 kids? Wow. So, when you made the move, what was the first property you ever sold for a client?

B.H. A house on Sylvan Lane to Alfred and Susan Payne. They actually still live there.


N.R.:  At Nest, we love leveraging technology to make our clients’ lives easier. How has technology changed the way you do business?

B.H.:  Where do I start? It’s far easier to get information to a client and for them to bring it you as well. This is particularly important when negotiating and writing up offers as well as the whole negotiation process in general.


N.R.:  From your perspective, what makes the Central Virginia market so unique?

B.H.: The fact that buyers and sellers never see each other at closing for one. The mix of socio economic levels also makes it interesting.


N.R.:  What’s your favorite time of the year in C’ville? Why?

B.H.:  Winter. The light is amazing.


N.R.:  What’s the one thing you would tell a new homebuyer to keep in mind throughout the process?

B.H.:  This is not brain or heart surgery. No one is going to die. Have fun with the process and know that things happen for a reason.


N.R.:  Dream celebrity client?

B.H.:  Robert De Niro


N.R.:  Final question…what’s YOUR idea of the perfect home?

B.H.: I don’t think there is ever the PERFECT home. There is always something you want to change even if you build it from scratch. . .


Want to connect with Bob?

BOB’S CELL: 434-989-3592

EMAIL: [email protected]


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