Meet the Agent: Martha Campbell

Happy Tuesday to you! With a new week brings another “Meet the Agent” blog. This week features Nest’s own Martha Campbell and we talk beginner’s luck, good design and her love of Charlottesville!

Meet Martha Campbell, Nest Associate Broker.


Nest Realty:  How did you get into real estate? 

Martha Campbell:  A brother-in-law who is a real estate superstar encouraged me….he said I’d be a natural. Being a Realtor has never felt like a “job,” it has been a great choice of roles. It has been wonderful getting to meet all kinds of folks. I like to listen and learn so I can figure out what they are after and then be able to help them find the perfect home.


NR:  Looking back at the first property you ever sold for a client, was it what you expected? 

MC:  A property near Walton’s mountain with a pool. It was the first property my clients looked at. It was deceptively easy! I called my brother-in-law and told him my first clients bought the first house they looked at. I told him thank you for encouraging me to jump into such a great business! Little did I know….that was beginners luck and every deal is different. The next time might not be quite that easy!


NR:  I know you grew up in Florida, which is very different than here. What’s your favorite time of the year in C’ville? Why?

MC:  I grew up in a state with one season, so Spring and Fall seem like magic tricks. Leaves changing colors and tulips coming up out of the ground will always amaze me.  If I had to pick just one, I’d have to go with Spring….there is nothing like the feeling of emerging from winter and watching things turn green and flowers appearing!


NR:  What’s the most important room in a house? Why? 

MC:  It has to be the kitchen. It’s where we gather together to share meals. Meals bring us together. It’s a room where we invite our family and friends to spend time together. Whether the kitchen is large or small, it is often the heartbeat of the home.


NR:  You are making me want to plan a dinner party! Dream celebrity client?

MC:  Please don’t laugh…Martha Stewart! I can’t resist!


NR:  Ha! Martha Stewart. Speaking of dinner parties…

MC:  You laughed! It’s because I adore her simplicity of taste both indoors and out. Beautiful and simple – you can do this too – style for the entire home, including the exterior and yard. The outside of a home is just as important as the inside….landscaping, exterior finishes, etc.


NR:  Her homes do showcase her exquisite taste. What’s YOUR idea of the perfect home?

MC:  My perfect home would be a great design – small, efficient, a great roof line (not complex) and a large kitchen with eat in breakfast/dining room. Loads of natural light and great cross ventilation. Light colors, almost stark and free of clutter and great storage ideas. I have a photo…would you like to see it!

Martha Campbell's dream home. (Courtesy of Architectural Digest, August 2012 Issue)


NR:  Yes!

MC:  It’s not often that I covet my neighbors house, but it happens every now and then. 🙂
Want to connect with Martha?
PHONE:  434-466-8670
EMAIL:  [email protected]

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