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Sure, you can watch baseball in lots of towns across the country. You can find hot dogs and bags of peanuts in ballparks anywhere. And I’m sure Charlottesville isn’t the only place with a Ben & Jerry’s kiosk. But, we have something no one else in the US has:

The Number 1 Team in the Country

And  that is something of which to be very very proud. In fact, when you look at the season, it started out strong, and the fan base just 201004152121.jpgcontinued to grow and grow. I took my kids to a game against Boston College less than a month ago. The stands were packed. So, how does UVa respond? Bring in more stands. 679 more seats to be exact. Imagine if Penn State could roll in 20,000 new seats for a football game… that’s about the same thing.

The Hoos are playing at the top of their game and are looking to host the Regionals headed to the College World Series. If they keep up the pace, they will then play host for the SuperRegionals for the first time. And that all leads to the game they want… June 19 in Omaha at the College World Series.

Regional play starts at the beginning of June. It should be fantastic.

But for now, head out to Davenport Field this weekend for #1 UVa v. #20 VT for a three game series this weekend. Friday 7pm, Saturday 4 pm, and Sunday 1pm. Grab the kids, get some peanuts and a hot dog and enjoy the weather. Time to enjoy what spring is all about.


Keith Davis is an Associate Broker and a Founding Partner with Nest Realty. He writes at DirtAroundGrounds.

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