Nest Room Makeover

To thank our clients for being a part of the Nest Community, we recently conducted a room makeover!  We partnered with some of our favorite locally-owned retailers: Carpet Plus, Artful Lodger, Circa, and U-Fab. We asked our clients for pictures of their dining rooms and eating areas that were in need of a spruce up. We received over 60 incredible submissions, ranging from wacky to elegant. We narrowed them down to three semi-finalist, posted them on our Facebook page, and allowed viewers to vote. With over 600 votes, the Scanlon family was dubbed the dining room most in need of a makeover:


Room Makeover - After

Todd and Joanne Scanlon, along with their four beautiful children moved into their home in Earlysville a little over a year ago. The home has beautiful bones, but some of the style choices from the previous homeowners had become a bit dated. Let’s talk about that wallpaper and matching curtains…yipes.




But we knew that beneath the floral extravaganza, the lovely crown molding, hardwood floors and large windows were waiting to to be exposed. We saw the potential.

We sat down with Todd and Joanne to find out more about their family, their style, and how they envisioned the room. Joanne is originally from Zimbabwe, and wanted to include some subtle references to her birthplace. Red walls were another must-have for their dream dining room, along with a large table that would comfortably seat all six family members. We knew with the help of our partners, we could create a formal yet functional dining room for this vibrant family. In just over a month we were able to transform this room from dark and dated to warm and welcoming.

Nest Room Makeover

Room Makeover - After

Nest Room Makeover

Nest Room Makeover

The first step of the process was removing the wallpaper and repainting. We enlisted the help of professional painter, Brian Carr of J Brian Carr Painting. This first step was perhaps the most impactful. We choose a warm red tone that was intense but not overwhelming. The trim, doors, and moldings that were once a yellowish-beige were painted the same crisp white as the entryway, creating a sense of continuity throughout the home. Next we engaged Liz Eure of Carpet Plus to help us choose the perfect area rug. We browsed through the beautiful patterns and colors and choose a woven chevron pattern in subtle brown and beige tones. It had just enough of a contrast against the hardwood floors, and created a visual anchor for the table.

Nest Room Makeover

Room Makeover - Carpet Plus - Area Rug

Once the backdrop was set, we moved onto furniture. The Scanlon family had two beautiful pieces that we wanted to keep in the room: the deep walnut buffet and matching china cabinet. The table that was in the room was a bit too small to fit all six family members, so we headed to Artful Lodger to find the perfect table. We chose this gorgeous farmhouse inspired table that’s both rugged and refined. It comfortably seats eight as currently set, and expands to accommodate up to twelve guests when both leaves are installed.

Room Renovation - Artful Lodger Table

Room Makeover - Pigment - Chairs

Room Makeover - U-Fab Fabric

Their existing chairs had lovely classic lines, but were a high gloss finish in a red-hued wood that didn’t match the existing furniture or new table. We handed the chairs over to the artisans at Pigment to have them professionally refinished with a soft beige in a matte finish. The bright color keeps the overall set from looking too heavy, and provides a nice contrast. For the cushions we choose a tightly woven upholstery fabric from U-Fab. Their expert upholsterers removed the previous fabric, replaced the foam, and secured the new fabric – a red and gold flecked fabric that coordinated perfectly with the red wall color and the linen drapes. The floral drapes had to go, and U-Fab had countless gorgeous options. We knew we needed something that would work well with the red walls – something that would pop against them, but not clash. We wanted to use this space to inject some pattern into the room, so we gathered several coordinating drape and cushion options and let our homeowners make the final decision. They chose these lovely soft white linen drapes with a gold-hued embroidered pattern. U-Fab created six new drapery panels, complete with a nap sateen lining.

Room Makeover - U-Fab - Drapes

Room Makeover - Circa - Plates

Room Makeover - Circa - Napkin Rings

Room Makeover - Circa

Room Makeover - Circa - Mirror

Room Makeover - Circa - Chandelier

Room Makeover - Circa - Lamps-2

Room Makeover - Circa - Lamps-1

Room Makeover - Foxtail Cottage - Floral

Next, we moved onto accessories. We headed to Circa to fill the room with interesting and unique items that would bring some character into the space. On the table, we used some of the homeowner’s china, along with vintage gold rimmed plates and chargers. The stone napkin rings are figurines of animals that pay playful homage to Joanne’s birthplace, Africa. To reflect the gorgeous natural light that streams into the room, we placed this oversized vintage mirror above the buffet. In front of the mirror, we placed two large lamps that cast a cozy glow in the evening. The brass chandelier was replaced with a more rustic feeling wrought iron chandelier. The starburst art piece was painted a soft champagne gold and hung above the china cabinet. The large clay pot, wicker wall art, candlesticks and china cabinet accessories were also found at Circa. Flowers always bring a bit of life into the room, so we added a touch of fall foliage from Foxtail Cottage to the table. We revealed the final room to the Scanlon family just in time for the holidays.

Room Makeover - Family-2

Room Makeover - Family-1

We thank Todd and Joanne for inviting us into their home and allow us to transform their dining room. We hope we’ve created a space for the whole family to enjoy!

Room Makeover - Family-3


Area Rug – Carpet Plus

Table – Artful Lodger 

Fabric & Upholstery – U-Fab

Chandelier, Mirror, Lamps, Artwork, Plates & Accessories – Circa

Chair Refinishing – Pigment

Wallpaper Removal & Painting – J Brian Carr Painting –  434 960 1332

Interior Design – Taylor Von Herbulis & Jasmine Bible

Florals – Foxtail Cottage Floral 

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  • Deborah Franks

    Written on

    The wallpaper removal and the paint color choice was the start of something grand.
    J.B.Carr Painting made some fantastic changes just by removing the floral wallpaper.
    What ambience the warm red color choice made. It is the backdrop for warm and cozy
    gatherings. I like the chairs and their update. The room is gorgeous now and very nicely done.
    I love it and I’m sure the family does too !

    • Jasmine Bible

      Written on

      Thank you Deborah! We agree, the work of J.B. Carr Painting transformed the room entirely! The family was so pleased with the outcome, and thrilled with the precision, speed, and professionalism that Brian delivered.

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