Shenandoah Valley 2021 Annual Report

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Welcome to the 2021 Shenandoah Valley Annual Report. At the start of every year, we pore through sales charts, look back at our goals, and check how we’ve done on our predictions for the past year. We do our best to prepare our agents for the new year.

With that, we present you with this synopsis of the national, regional, and localized trends that matter most to you, found here in our Shenandoah Valley 2021 Annual Report.

As we launch into 2022, we know that we’ve completed a year that was in all accounts better than expected. From an economic standpoint, there is no question that a year ago we expected higher interest rates and a slowing (not severe, but noticeable) of our real estate sales markets. This just didn’t happen in much of the country, including in our large geographic footprint here in the Shenandoah Valley.

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We’re grateful for the opportunity to have helped nearly 400 happy clients buy and sell real estate in 2021’s historic real estate market. At Nest, we pledge to empower and delight our clients as we expertly help them navigate the local real estate market, and every year we continue to be excited by our growing family of clients!

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