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How To Support Your Local Atlanta Artists Put Out Of Work By Coronavirus

Many Atlanta artists and musicians are struggling to pay bills as live venues, conferences, and schools close, and events are rescheduled or cancelled. Artists, musicians, photographers, and performers often aren’t paid if an event is cancelled, and they are seeing weeks or even months of income delayed or lost as cancellations mount.

These performers and entertainers are the heart of our community. They bring joy to our lives in countless ways. The Rainbow Militia Circus, a group of circus performers, aerialists, and musicians, is working to provide information about how we can help support our local artists during this time of uncertainty.

Nest Realty Atlanta, in collaboration with the Rainbow Militia Circus, is creating a database where workers in the gig economy can share their skills with those looking to hire people virtually or for services for a future date.

If you are a performer, artist, creator, photographer, crafter, graphic designer, musician, or anyone who offers local services that are being disrupted due to the coronavirus, please fill out this form. (Please note, your answers will be publicly available. This is specific to ATLANTA area artists.)

We encourage you to share with not only your performer friends, but with those who own businesses, who may be looking to hire particular skills.

The full database of performers can be publicly accessed here.

If you would like to create a database like this for your own city, please reach out to [email protected].

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  • Jolie Loren Rizzi (Jolie Loren Photography)

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    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, both my husband and I have had all of our work cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future. We are both freelancers. I am a Professional Photographer and my husband in a full-time musician. All the major corporations and local businesses that I work with have all either, shut down, in quarantine, cancelled or postponed in and out of state (FL, NY, Las Vegas, etc). All of my husband’s current gigs, concerts, shows have also been cancelled in and out of state. Therefore, all of a very sudden, we are left with ZERO income coming in, until everything starts back up business as usual.

    This pandemic has hit us very hard financially, as we are both self-employed and are not eligible for Unemployment or Paid-Leave. We have what we need right as we are all home bound indefinitely. We are in the process of trying to see what we can do to get some of our bills/rent deferred. It’s a very scary time, but we are doing the best we can to stay grateful, positive and laughing as much as we can. I definitely agree that we are all in this together. My heart goes out to anyone affected in this incredibly difficult time.
    Thank you again for any consideration; please stay well, healthy and safe.

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