The Power of Home Staging

By Jessica Pirone I first experienced real estate through running a home staging company for more than nine years. Being on “the outside” of so many transactions has given me a different perspective on what makes one home sell quickly or command top dollar while other similar homes continue on the market, under appreciated. I believe…

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Staging Sells!

By Ann Roth Staging has been very effective in my business and my sellers have been able to sell their homes in less time for more money than they would have without it. When I got to Nest and staging was presented as an expectation on all listings, I was relieved and excited. My former…

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Staging Tips for Spring!

Flowers are beginning to bloom, birds are chirping…and we’re ready to help you take flight! Here are some staging tips to help you get your home ready for the spring real estate rush. Clean up time! It’s everyone’s favorite time of year—spring cleaning time! Start the season (and your home selling) off on the right…

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The 7 Steps of Staging

Achieve maximum impact with minimal effort by utilizing our step-by-step staging guide. When it comes time to sell your home, the main objective is to make the space as appealing and inviting as possible. Through a process called “staging” you can create an environment that will be welcoming and captivating to potential buyers. We’ve broken down this…

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Design House 2013 Supports Shelter for Help in Emergency

Hey, your time is running out!! Design House 2013 ends this Sunday, May 19th. Please support this fundraiser for the Shelter for Help in Emergency by coming for a visit to view the work of 20 different designers who have donated and displayed their work in different rooms of the house and areas of the gardens. Located at a…

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