Want to Make Your Home Shine?

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First impressions matter a lot. Potential buyers will notice things which you’ve become accustomed to seeing and may not notice the way they will. These little details can make the difference between selling quickly and selling for more money. Follow these simple steps to make your home shine and be sure your place sparkles at first sight!

Create Curb Appeal

  • Power wash to remove dust and spiderwebs. Include your gutters, but be careful not to damage them. Refresh the appearance of painted surfaces and the eaves along the roofline.
  • Wash windows—inside and out.
  • Paint the trim, front door, and shutters.
  • Tidy up your landscaping by trimming trees and bushes as needed. Add new mulch. Plant annuals or add potted plants near the entrance.
  • Keep your lawn mowed and neatly edged.

Clean and Declutter the Inside

  • Go through each room and remove knickknacks from shelves.
  • Clear out closets and organize so everything is neat.
  • Clean lighting fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Scrub baseboards.
  • Wipe down all doors and hinges.

Bring on the Mood Boosters

Natural light is a mood booster, so be sure to open shutters and raise the blinds. Flowers also bring a smile and can enhance an already good showing. A vase of flowers in the kitchen is a nice touch!

Interested in more information on making your home shine and preparing it for sale? Contact a Nest Realty Morganton agent today!

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