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When Matt Leech arrived for his first day as Nest Realty’s new Graphic and Digital Designer, he hit the ground running. Literally. Within the first week and a half he was headed to press checks in Richmond to finish a complicated print piece.

To say that we here at Nest have a long list of projects in the queue for our brokerage and property management divisions would be an understatement. It was important for us, then, to find someone who could tackle our day-to-day design objectives and be able to jump headfirst into a fast-paced and busy creative team.

Matt’s breadth of experience certainly set him apart from other applicants. He’s worked on marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes for universities, record labels, breweries, and non-profits. It was his upbeat personality and excitement about our brand, however, that made him the perfect fit.

I’d love to be able to tell you what Matt’s typical day looks like, but there has yet to be a typical day. Thus far he’s helped define the brand for our five-year anniversary celebration, brought a fabulous new listing presentation to life, outlined several updates to our award-winning website and designed the first in a series of direct mail pieces to thank our wonderful clients for their business.

Matt’s design work at Nest Realty thus far.

I know I speak for the entire Nest family when I say we’ve been super excited about his perspective and have greatly appreciated his input throughout the entire creative process.

So what ideas are we kicking around now? We’re laser focused on developing new ways to analyze and discuss market data, making it easier for our clients to understand market trends and for our Realtors to share information with their networks. We’re also looking at new mediums (like our LWYL videos) to share and promote the local content that showcases what makes Central Virginia so unique.

Above all, we’re always looking for new projects that delight our clients and foster an innovative and productive environment for our awesome team of Realtors. Matt will be an integral part of our approach as we do just that.

Welcome aboard, Matt!


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