Deborah Rutter Associate Broker

ph: 434.996.2142

First licensed in Maine, Deborah has built her reputation on referral and repeat clients who recognize that analog service with modern tools in a digital world creates an ideal combination for delighted customers.
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Fun Facts About Me

Whats your favorite season?:

Winter, hands down. It reminds me not to take my good fortune for granted.

Favorite Buyer Question:

Do I need a septic inspection? (Answer? Yes..ask me why!)

Profession if not in real estate?:

Philosophy of Religion professor or particle physicist. They are more alike than you might think.

Advice I Often Give my Clients:

Plan early. Plan Often. Repeat. Preparation beats cleverness, money, and ego every time.

My Book Collection Consists Of:

Reference books on everything under the sun, much to the dismay of many around me.

Quote That Sums It Up:

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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