Marc Ammons

ph: 804.310.7273
As a Customer Representative for Craig Builders, Marc takes pride in providing a highly customized building experience for clients interested in building their dream home.
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Fun Facts About Me

What is your favorite hobby?

Woodworking—I absolutely love building and designing custom furniture, cabinets, and high-end trim carpentry.

Favorite state other than Virginia?

Texas: warm weather, fantastic music, amazing Mexican food, and great barbecue.

Little known fact?

I have broken the sound barrier and gone supersonic at just over 800 mph.

Favorite Movies/TV Shows:

The Big Lebowski and The Office.

Any pets?

A piebald Chiweenie named Amelia and a blonde, long-hair mini-dachschund named Cooper.

Best barbecue brisket in Virginia?

Smoked in Crozet. The brisket and cheese sandwich is incredible.

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