Tom Seabrook Copywriter

ph: 609.651.3174
With a passion for writing honed by years of freelance experience, Tom helps deliver Nest’s message across multiple platforms.
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Fun Facts About Me

School Spirit:

I root for my undergrad alma mater, William & Mary, unless it’s football season and I can leverage my graduate school years at Virginia Tech to support the (more successful) Hokies. Living in Charlottesville makes openly supporting either of my schools slightly more difficult!

Tea or Coffee:

Tea for sure. I have never been a coffee drinker, but it’s hard to start the day without a nice mug of English Breakfast.

Cats or Dogs:

I am a converted cat person thanks to my wife, Bryn, and our tabby, Shadow.

When I’m Not at Work:

I am a historian by training and I have a passion for sharing the history that’s all around us. Usually that translates to posting pictures of old buildings and monuments on Instagram.

Next Travel Destination:

I’m always torn between exploring new places and revisiting old favorites. Top new travel wish: Sicily. No. 1 place I’d love to go back to: Prague.

Top Karaoke Song:

My wife and I have perfected Love Shack by the B-52’s after years of practice.

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