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Nest Realty Charlottesville is the flagship outpost for the Nest Realty brand, and its agents serve all of Central Virginia. From Nelson and Greene to Crozet and the City of Charlottesville, Nest Realty agents are experts on our entire region. We’re a company built on the excellence and commitment of an accomplished team of agents—award winners, top producers, and MBAs—whose ultimate reward comes from the satisfaction they get from helping you.

Why Are Our Agents Different?

Full-Time. All The Time.

All our brokers are full-time REALTORS with the experience, knowledge, and track record to help you navigate even the most complicated real estate transactions.

We Sell More. Period.

Our brokers average 4 times more sales annually than the 'average' Realtor. That means listing with us is a win for you.

Our Agents

  • The Marjorie Adam Team
  • Helen Ascoli
  • Taylor Averitte
  • Karen Ball
  • Anne Burroughs
  • Roxanne Carter-Johnston
  • Kelly Ceppa
  • Joey Conover
  • The Cromer Team
  • Keith Davis
  • Emily Dooley
  • Angie Dotson
  • Jim Duncan
  • David Ferrall
  • Heather Griffith
  • Macon Gunter
  • Erin Hall
  • Angela Hawkins
  • Bob Headrick
  • Kevin Holt
  • Andrea Hubbell
  • The Bob Hughes Team
  • Jonathan Kauffmann
  • Janice Kavanagh
  • Jackie Kingma
  • Kelly C. Lindauer
  • Georgia Lindsey
  • Todd McGee
  • The Montgomery Team
  • Melissa Moody
  • Grier Murphy
  • Lorrie Nicholson
  • Tom Raney
  • Lori Runkle Meistrell
  • Jessica Russo
  • Robert Russo
  • Deborah A Rutter
  • Erin Samuels
  • Chris Saxon
  • Greg Slater
  • Kristin Sorokti
  • T.J. Southmayd
  • Ross Svetz
  • Mike Terry
  • Kelli Teter Wathen
  • Karyn Trumbull
  • Cynthia Viejo
  • Amy Webb
  • Mal Webb
  • Arleen Yobs

Our Staff

  • Michael Coleman
  • Keith Davis
  • Lucy Gimbel
  • Kathleen Robinson
  • Kathy Walsh

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