The home of Secretariat, Fort AP Hill and the Virginia State Fair, Caroline County bridges central and northern Virginia. Featuring expansive rural farmland, you get a slower pace of life here.

Key Features

Bridge Between Central and Northern Virginia: When you hit Caroline County, the transition from northern to central Virginia begins. It is an ideal location for those looking to be within convenient driving distance to both areas.

Affordable Rural Housing Options: Things move slower in Caroline County, and that's just how the people there like it. The area offers more affordable rural neighborhood communities than areas closer to Washington, DC.

Beat the Traffic

If you're traveling north from Richmond, bypass the traffic by taking exit 104 and take Route 301 toward Caroline County, through King George, and then onto Route 2 toward Fredericksburg. You'll save an hour!

Kristie Walker

Nest Picks

The Meadows Event Park

The Virginia State Fair moved to Meadows Event Park after its long history at the Richmond International Speedway.

Bowling Green Farmer's Market

Open every Saturday from April to October, the Bowling Green Farmer's Market is the place to obtain local produce and plants.

Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Giuseppe's provides a small town feel and serves up authentic Italian cuisine.

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