Trenton has a more rural feel than many other West Tennessee areas. Larger land parcels and working farms dot the countryside. Homeowners trade drive time for amenities and room to roam. Trenton has retained its charm, witnessing the least amount of new development compared to surrounding areas.

Key Features

Historic Sights: From antebellum homes and battlefields to a classic court square, Trenton is rich in history. Be sure to drive slowly on your tour, as the speed limit is 31 miles per hour in many places. (Yes, 31 miles per hour!)

Friendly Faces: Looking for a classic small town? Trenton’s population is approximately 4,300 people, and you’ll likely see a friend and neighbor when out and about in town.

Nest Picks

Trenton Teapot Museum and Festival

On display at the Trenton Teapot Museum is the world’s largest collection of porcelain teapots, some made as early as 1750. Every year, the city of Trenton gathers together at the Trenton Teapot Festival to celebrate with a parade, tractor pull, market, chili cook off, and carnival rides.

To the Last Drop Coffee Shop

Like Cheers, everybody knows your name and your coffee order at To the Last Drop Coffee Shop. Seasonal décor, a delicious menu, and community events draw regulars (as does a Friday Green Wet Chili Burrito special).

Gibson County Lake

This 560-acre lake is a popular fishing destination stocked with crappie, blue gill, sunfish, and blue and channel catfish. Bring your boat or find a spot along the banks to drop a line.

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