Kristin Tran Marketing and Operations Director

ph: 540.443.6100
My adventurous nature and ability to adapt to change keeps me on my feet, allowing me to help the Nest team every way I can.
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Fun Facts About Me

Favorite animal?

I am definitely a cat person and have one black kitty.

Activities you do for fun?

Love to climb rocks, make pottery, and my partner and I are slowly building our homestead!

Dream job?

I am not qualified at all, but probably working with big cats in wildlife conservation/rescue groups.

Favorite ice cream?

Coffee ice cream.

What is my happy place?

Paddling on the lake, climbing and hanging out at the crag, or just chillin' at home.

Morning routine staples?

Drink a full Nalgene of water, have some coffee, and take my cat outside.

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