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Whitney's ultimate goal is to make you feel taken care of! She'll bring the heart, the knowledge, the experience, and the joy.
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Fun Facts About Me

What are you proudest of?

Easy: my kiddos. My girl Addie is so smart, and my baby boy Tommy is just the sweetest!

Favorite current home design trend?

Butcher block/wooden countertops. I think they look so nice, especially paired dark blue/teal colored cabinets.

What's your go-to drink?

During the day: black coffee. At night: Malbec. During football season: bourbon & ginger ale.

Weird talent?

I'm right-handed, but I can write backwards with my lefthand. Definitely not good for anything, but kind of interesting.

Famous Encounters?

Sir Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Jude Law, Wallace Shawn, Jason Segal, and Jack Black. I met all of them while studying abroad in London!

Dream job growing up?

Famous country music singer. I sang ALL THE TIME when I was a kid. My uncle Kevin even said he'd drive my tour bus.

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