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Widely considered to be the hub of the New River Valley, Blacksburg is approximately 20 square miles and is packed with a combination of beauty, charm, and culture.

Key Features

Walkability/Close to the Action: Many neighborhoods in Blacksburg offer walkability to Virginia Tech and Downtown. The revitalized Downtown features small-town charm and a variety of shopping and dining options.

Virginia Tech: With over 30,000 students, the population of Blacksburg almost doubles during the school year. Virginia Tech brings top notch athletics and one of the nation's leading research institutions to Blacksburg.

Fabulous Walking Trail

The Huckleberry Trail starts near the public library in Downtown Blacksburg and runs all the way through to the town of Christiansburg. It follows the same path as the railroad that used to run through the area.

Jeremy Hart

Nest Picks

Blacksburg Farmer's Market

A downtown staple on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Don't miss out on the fresh flowers!

The Lyric Theatre

This movie theatre and community center is located in the heart of Downtown and is a great place to catch a movie or a live show.

Huckleberry Trail

A fabulous walking trail that starts at the Blacksburg library and runs all the way through the town of Christiansburg.

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