Mechanicsville is by far and away the most dense area of Hanover and has a decidedly different feel from the rest of the county. Old Town Mechanicsville defined the area for much of its history, but has now been dwarfed by the development to the east and north, with big box retail stores, car dealerships, and strip malls.

Key Features

Civil War History: Mechanicsville contains multiple Civil War battlefield areas and probably contains more ground where battles were fought in and around Richmond than any other area. With school names such as Battlefield Elementary School, the effect of the Civil War on the area is obvious.

Old Mechanicsville: This small commercial district takes its name from the original turnpike running through Mechanicsville. Peppered with small locally owned businessess, highlights include William's Bakery, Mechanicsville Drug Store, and the Mechanicsville Flea Depot.

Nest Picks


The battles of Beaver Dam Creek, Gaines's Mill, and Cold Harbor all occurred in or around Mechanicsville. You will find portions of these battlefields protected and open for exploration.

The Stone Windmilll

This landmark was the focal point for all of Mechanicsville starting in the 1970s. What began as a bank branch sign is now the visual brand for the community.

Governor's Antiques

Acres upon acres of goodies salvaged from homes throughout Virginia and beyond. Clawfoot tubs, brass door knobs, radiators, and even mantles can be found at this Hanover mainstay.

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