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Having raised two sets of twins, Tina fully comprehends how finding a home based upon the client’s current, unique needs might require a sprinkling of creativity, a dash of tenacity, and an abundance of support.
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Fun Facts About Me

Perfect Date with my Husband:

Sitting by a campfire with a bottle of wine and the fixings for s'mores.

Other Careers I Would Love:

Park ranger, sommelier, author.

Bucket Travel List:

Patagonia, Thailand, Netherlands (and Italy because my husband really wants me to go with him!)

Top Three Favorite Movies:

The Big Chill, Pirates of the Caribbean, Beauty and the Beast.

If I Had Unlimited Time:

I would hike the Appalachian Trail straight through. Then I would tackle the Pacific Coast Trail.

Most Unique Fact About Me:

I have two sets of twins two years apart. Brandon and Laurin are my older set, and Heather and Tyler are my younger set.

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