Botetourt County

Botetourt county is the perfect mix of old and new, countryside and townside. From Ballast Point Brewery to the lively Daleville Town Center, you will see farmland, orchards, and high end neighborhoods alongside award-winning golf courses and brand new condos and townhomes. Just north of Roanoke, check out the neighborhoods that Botetourt County has to offer.

Key Features

Lower Taxes: Residents of Botetourt enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in the greater Roanoke area.

Rolling Hills: Botetourt draws buyers for the room to roam. From its scenic views to its rolling hills, the land in Botetourt is some of the most picturesque in the area.

Nest Picks

Ashley Plantation Country Club

Tucked into the development of the same name, the golf course at Ashley Plantation Country Club benefits from the scenic views of Botetourt. Ashley Plantation golf course has one of the longest golf holes in the US - check out the Par 6. Fore!

Daleville Town Center

This town center is a planned mixed-use development with shopping, dining, health care, walking trails, an outdoor fire pit, and an outdoor entertainment pavilion. It is all next to attached and detached homes and apartments! The Daleville Town Center brings a bit of the city center out to the rolling hills, so residents of Botetourt don't have to sacrifice elbow room for convenience.

Ballast Point

The East Coast outpost of a West Coast brewer. Come for the brews, stay for the views. Dogs are welcome, and will gladly join you as you stroll around the grounds. You'll know you've arrived when you see the giant ship's mast.

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