Castle Hayne/Rocky Point

Away from all the hustle and bustle of tourist destinations, Castle Hayne/Rocky Point offers a relaxing, small town vibe. Equipped with beautiful outdoor recreational areas and a location north of King's Grant, Castle Hayne/Rocky Point is an area on the rise.

Key Features

Unencumbered Spaces: Castle Hayne/Rocky Point offers open, natural areas perfect for horse riding and equestrian, all outside of the city limits. With places like Old Homestead Farm and River Landing Stables, Castle Hayne/Rocky Point is a perfect place to take a ride.

Slow Living: If you are looking to escape to a place where everything isn't on a timer, Castle Hayne/Rocky Point freezes time with its quaint town and natural landscapes.

Pick-your-own Strawberries!

Lewis Farms has a second, less busy location for pick-your own strawberries out here. Same delicious strawberries, less competition for the good ones.

Nest Picks

Northern Regional Park

Loaded with tons of fun amenities, Northern Regional Park is a great way to spend the day enjoying nature and playing disc golf.

Paul's Place

Famous for their delicious hotdogs and homemade relish, Paul's Place is sure to please with its representation of an American classic.

North Cape Fear River

With beautiful natural landscapes and plenty of boating opportunities, Castle Hayne/ Rocky Point lets you experience the majesty of the Cape Fear River. It's the perfect place to drop your kayak for a relaxing cruise down the river.

All Castle Hayne/Rocky Point Neighborhoods

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