ASK A NESTER: What Happens When You Look Up?

Below of beautiful Aurora borealis, Northern lights glowing in snow covered pine forest in national park at night

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We asked the agents of Nest Realty to share their opinions on what happens when they take the time to stop and look up. How do your own experiences compare to our flock?

When displaying artwork in their homes, Nesters were split nearly 50/50 on whether one large oversized piece of art versus a collection of smaller framed pieces “gallery style” is best.

Gabled roofs are the most common construction style in the Lower 48, and they’re also the most popular, with 66% of our flock saying go gabled. But a strong 23% of Nesters also love the simplicity and romance of an A-frame roof.

When it comes to ceiling embellishments, more than two-thirds of Nesters say “exposed beams” are the way to go. Basic painted ceilings or more intricate coffered tray ceilings were tied around 15%, and 4% prefer good old-fashioned wallpaper.

A whopping 60% of Nesters say to let the light into your home with skylights whenever possible. But that 40% must be saying NO for a reason…

When was the last time you sat out in your backyard and simply took in the night sky? We were happy to hear that almost half of Nesters indulged in this simple pleasure every night, and 36% take in the stars at least once a month.

More than half of Nest agents and brokers adorn their walls with artwork. 35% prefer family photos, and 11% prefer to utilize mirrors on an empty wall.

When it comes to Disney dream homes, Encanto’s La Casita steals the show with 48% of our votes, followed closely by Clay Calloway’s cottage in Sing 2. The Little Mermaid’s underwater castle grabbed 10% of votes, and only 6% would choose to freeze in Elsa’s icy castle.

The controversy over painted ceilings was finally resolved when 84% of our Nesters surveyed said they would paint their ceilings at least some color different from the walls. 37% opted for complimentary colors, 36% opted for one shade lighter or darker, and 11% will go for something bold and contrasting. Which camp are you in?

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